More than 100 artistes and DJs, representing a huge fanbase, are wholly managed by Mediacorp’s The Celebrity Agency (TCA), the largest artiste management agency in Singapore.

Many are household names across the region, and the cachet of our top talent is such that they are in demand for roles in the international arena. Pierre Png featured in the Hollywood box-office winner Crazy Rich Asians, and Rebecca Lim clinched the lead in the Asian adaptation of the Scandinavian hit series The Bridge. Our artistes have also been in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong productions. Drawing on their star power, TCA artistes and DJs are also successful ambassadors for many international brands.

It’s not just internal talent that Mediacorp can draw on. We also have access to an extensive network of regional stars who work with us, like Lawrence Wong of Yanxi Palace fame, Hong Kong actress Michelle Yim, and Taiwanese actor Weber Yang.