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Aloysius Pang

August 24
Mandarin, English
Singing, Acting, Magic, Martial Arts

Winner of Mediacorp Star Awards 2015 ‘Best New Comer’.

A former child actor, Aloysius Pang made his comeback in 2012 when he starred in veteran television host Dasmond Koh’s co-directed local movie “Timeless Love”.  A year later, he fronted local drama “I’m In Charge” where he played a rebellious youth.  It was followed by “Served H.O.T.” where he was cast as one of the 3 male leads who were in search of a secret recipe.  In 2015, he was the actor with the most screen presence as he acted in no less than six television projects including an English telemovie.

Keen to learn, and always ready to give his 100% of effort, Aloysius is a potential candidate who will excel in showbizz in the eyes of alot of veteran actors.




2015   MediaCorp Star Awards 2015 Best New Comer
           新加坡新传媒电视 红星大奖2015 ‘最佳新人’

           MediaCorp Star Awards 2015 Fav Male Character Top 5
           新加坡新传媒电视 红星大奖2015 ‘最喜爱男角色’ 入围五大

           MediaCorp Star Awards 2015 Best Actor in Supporting Role - Nominated
           新加坡新传媒电视 红星大奖2015 ‘最佳男配角’提名

2014   MediaCorp Star Awards 20 Fav Male Character Top 5
           新加坡新传媒电视 红星大奖2014 ‘最喜爱男角色’ 入围五大

2013   MediaCorp Star Awards 2013 Fav Male Character Top 5
           新加坡新传媒电视 红星大奖2013 ‘最喜爱男角色’ 入围五大


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2015 - 一样(人生无所畏插曲 )

2014 - 黑色眼泪

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2015 - Calendar 年历

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Music Video of  我懂了- 崇喆 Gavin Teo